Growth is just a milestone on the way to success; the more you cover, the more you succeed.

Over the years, we have had several tangible evidences that have attested to our growth as an organisation. We have earned the status of a Government of India-recognised export house. Our financial management practices have been duly rated by the SME Rating Agency of India Ltd. We have been conferred with the GOTS certification for being compliant with international standards for organic cotton and FLO certification for Fairtrade which allows the end producer in the supply-chain to benefit from trade by getting their fair share. Testifying to our International Quality Management Standards and Social Accountability Standards are the ISO 9001:2000 and SA 8000 certificates respectively. While we have due regard for all the certifications conferred us, the most fruitful of them all is the certificate of satisfaction from our stakeholders. Repeat orders from buyers, employee referrals for recruitment, investor interest in further investment and supplier passion for product development are critical parameters that remind us that our labour is indeed bearing fruit